WeCare Covid-19 Intervention Fund

WeCare Covid-19 Intervention Fund

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Nigerians in Diaspora Organization Americas, USA (NIDOA USA) is deeply concerned about the plight of Nigerians whose means of livelihood have been truncated by the stay-at-home orders in effect in some parts of the country as a result of the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic. Most Nigerians are engaged in the informal sector which constitutes about 65 percent of national GDP. They rely on daily earnings to feed self and family but they are unable to work and require the support of well-meaning people at this time. They also need hand sanitizers, masks, soap and water to maintain hygienic conditions and prevent being infected.

Also requiring support are Nigerian Physicians, Nurses, Pharmacists and other healthcare practitioners who are in the frontline of the fight to contain the pandemic. They have performed excellently but need more Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), N95 masks, and hand sanitizers while we need to increase our nationwide stock of ventilators for the chronically ill. Testing kits are also needed as Nigeria with less than 300 confirmed cases so far also has the lowest testing rates in the world.

NIDO Americas USA has set up the $50,000 WECARE COVID-19 INTERVENTION FUND to fund short-term palliatives as well as more long-term initiatives to enhance public safety and welfare of Nigerians.

Please DONATE GENEROUSLY to this fund which will be applied as follows:

Short Term Palliatives:

  1. Purchase of testing kits
  2. Acquisition of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) including safety glasses and shields
  3. Purchase of hand sanitizers from local vendors
  4. Purchase of N95 respirator masks
  5. Purchase of food items to be distributed to the poor and vulnerable

Distribution of all items will be coordinated with the Nigerians in Diaspora Commission (NIDCOM), the Nigerian Medical Association (NMA) and the Organization of Women in International Trade (OWIT).

Follow-up Projects and Initiatives:

  1. Employability/Entrepreneurship Skills and Capacity-building program
  2. Small Business Financing Programs
  3. Acquisition/Donation of Medical Equipment to hospitals and clinics

We appeal for total support of all well-meaning individuals, community organizations and corporate bodies for this effort. Tax-deductible donations